Web Support for Faculty


Faculty are at the center of the university's mission, and we recognize you have unique website needs. Our staff is here to help you find web solutions for your academic programs, faculty sites, lab sites, research and more that fit within our web standards and brand communication standards

Academic Program Pages

Academic program pages are primarily for recruitment. The Web Team works with academic college and department leadership to keep program pages up-to-date with rankings and recognition information, student testimonials, career information and program highlights. Contact the Web Team at webcommunications@niu.edu if you would like to schedule your program pages for an update.

Faculty Sites

In addition to faculty profile pages within academic college and department sites, we have developed a template specifically for faculty sites. If you would like to have a faculty site set up for you, please contact the Web Team at webcommunications@niu.edu. Once the site is set up, you may use our website update request form to make updates or you may schedule a one-on-one training on our content management system to maintain the site yourself.

Lab Sites

Research labs have a unique audience and purpose, and we are happy to work with you to develop websites to meet your lab's goals. We have created a template for lab sites that we can work with you to build upon. Please contact the Web Team at webcommunications@niu.edu if you would like to get a lab site set up.

Tools and Resources

We have an array of tools and resources available to meet the needs of your academic program, faculty or lab site. We offer: 

  • Unique content and layout options
  • A platform to create forms that can be filled out on the web
  • Access to analyics reports to inform content strategy
  • One-on-one content management system training opportuntities
  • A dedicated support team to make updates to your site to free up your time for scholarship and research

Publication and Document Storage

NIU University Libraries houses two units responsible for document storage. Huskie Commons is the official repository for research and artistic works. University Archives is the offical location for other documents, such as syllabi and newsletters. Please contact library staff to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your document retention needs.