PoP Grant for Student Affiliates

The Proposal or Pilot (PoP) Grant is designed to assist CISLL graduate student affiliates in three ways:

  • Aid in the collection of pilot data for dissertations, theses and other large-scale projects that are part of a students’ program of research
  • Aid in the collection of pilot data for a grant proposal to support a dissertation or thesis and/or
  • Provide the student with a guided experience of writing a grant and conducting research.
These PoP Grants are intended to help students on specific research projects that are in an early stage.

Award Eligiblity


  • Must be pursuing a master or doctoral degree
  • Must be a student affiliate of CISLL
  • Have a CISLL Affiliate faculty who will mentor them throughout this process


Award amounts may vary depending on need, with a maximum amount per award of $2,000. PoP Grant award monies may be used to support attendance at workshops for seeking external funding, travel and attendance costs for conferences or purchase of supplies including software. Other expenditures will be considered, but are subject to evaluation. However, no equipment can be purchased from these funds.

Note: All funds awarded for the CISLL PoP Grant must be SPENT by June 1 of the academic year in which the grant was awarded.


All awardees will be expected to:

  • Share an informal report of progress at the CISLL summer retreat (typically held in May or June)
  • Submit a final report on project by the beginning of the next academic year
    • include information about activities completed and findings

Committee Review

The PoP Grant Committee will review applications based on the following criteria:

  • Importance of the project and its contribution to CISLL and your scholarly agenda
  • Potential for dissemination of the associated scholarship
  • Connection to the mission of CISLL
  • Feasibility of completing the project in the stated time period
  • Relevance of the budget request to the stated objectives

Applications will be rank ordered by the committee. Funding will be allocated in rank order based on the committees' recommendations until the maximum amount the CISLL budget has designated for these PoP Grants has been committed. Any future proposals for external funding following receipt of this award must list CISLL as an interdisciplinary unit associated with the project.

Application Submission and Deadline

A completed application must be submitted by October 5, 2018. Applications for the CISLL PoP Grant are limited to three pages, single spaced with one-inch margins and no smaller than 12-point font. Applications must include the following:

  • Brief statement of the purpose of the project
  • Brief narrative that describes the project (significance, methodology, analyses)
  • Anticipated outcomes of the project (e.g., thesis, dissertation or grant proposals)
  • Contribution to the mission of CISLL and your scholarly agenda
  • Anticipated timeline for completion of this project
  • Itemized budget of expenses associated with developing the project