Proposal or Pilot Grant

We are dedicated to supporting faculty and student research in the area of language and literacy.  CISLL’s Proposal or Pilot Grant (PoP) grants offer two types of award that vary in purpose and maximum award amount (described below). Each fall we will issue a call for proposals. To be eligible, you must be a CISLL graduate student or faculty affiliate.

The first type of PoP grant provides a maximum award amount of $14,000. It is intended to support faculty affiliates in the completion of a proposal for a federally funded grant. Examples of the types of support that can be provided with this award include completing a pilot study, funding a graduate student, a course buyout, or half summer funding.  The $14,000 available for the award may be awarded to a single applicant, or may be distributed among two or more applicants depending on the proposals received.  Affiliates who are awarded this grant will be expected to:

  • Attend CISLL grant writing workshops
  • Submit a grant proposal to a federal agency and to officially note CISLL as associated with the grant

The second type of PoP grant will provide up to $2000 to support a faculty or graduate student affiliate to work on a pilot study or proposal. These types of grants can also support work that help affiliates progress in their program of research. Up to two faculty and two graduate student grants will be available in this category.


Further information and application information for the PoP grants are available on the graduate student or faculty page.