Eyetracker (Eyelink 1000 Plus)

Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Language and Literacy (CISLL) has an Eyelink 1000 Plus eye tracker available to reserve.

Requirements and Reservations

In order to reserve the eye tracker you must:

  • Be an NIU student, faculty or staff member.
  • Complete training/orientation.
    • More than one sessions may be required depending on your experience with using eye-trackers.
    • Email us at cisll@niu.edu to set up training.

Reserve Time On The Eye Tracker

Eyelink 1000 Plus Specifications and Features

  • Camera tracks up to 2,000 Hz with chinrest and up to 1,000 Hz without the chinrest.
  • Average calibration accuracy is within 0.25⁰.
  • Camera program runs with E-Prime 2.0, 3.0 and the Experiment Builder.
  • Data viewer has powerful data parsing tool that allows you to construct areas of interest after the data is collected.
    • Produces an Excel file with the dependent measures that you selected.
  • Comes with Experiment Builder software but is also compatible with E-Prime and other presentation methods.
    • CISLL currently has one copy of E-Prime 3 for lending.
  • Existing E-Prime and Experiment Builder studies can be edited to suit your experiment (it can be a time-saver to start with these as a template).
  • Eyelink comes with a set of already programmed experiments (in both E-Prime and Experiment Builder) that can be used as a template.

View the complete EyeLink 1000 Plus technical specifications.

Contact us if you have questions about the specifications or the types of example experiments available.

Eyetracker Manuals and Information

The SR support website is an excellent source of information, including video tutorials, hundreds of FAQs, recorded webinar series on how to use the software.

Examples of Eye Tracking Research

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