PoP Grant for Faculty

The Proposal or Pilot (PoP) Grant is designed to assist CISLL faculty affiliates in two ways:

  • Development of research or service oriented grant proposals for external funding or
  • Collection of pilot data needed to prepare for research or service oriented grant proposals for external funding
The  PoP Grant promotes the development of new proposals for research oriented or outreach oriented grants directly related to the mission of the center.

Award Eligibility


  • Faculty affiliates are encouraged to apply in interdisciplinary* groups
    • interdisciplinary proposals will be given special consideration during the review process
  • Proposals that do not involve an interdisciplinary team of researchers will be given consideration
Awards will only be given to individuals who are affiliated with CISLL, but individuals hired by the awardee need not be affiliates of the Center.

*The National Science Foundation describes interdisciplinary research as a mode of research by teams or individuals that integrates information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts and/or theories from two or more disciplines or bodies of specialized knowledge to advance fundamental understanding or to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline or area of research practice.


Two types of award are offered:

  • The smaller grant has a maximum of $2000 and is intended to support progress towards eventual application for external funding.
  • A larger award with a maximum of $14,000 is intended to support faculty in completion of a grant proposal for submission for federal funding

Award amounts may vary depending on a justified budget statement. Both types of award may be used to support costs related to conducting a pilot study, travel to confer with federal funding agencies, or salary to support proposal development. Other expenditures will be considered, but are subject to evaluation. However, no equipment can be purchased from these funds. 

In addition to these, the larger award provides expanded funding to support completion of a grant proposal (e.g., funding a graduate student, a course buyout, or half summer funding).

Note: All funds awarded for the CISLL PoP Grant must be SPENT by May 31st of the academic year in which the grant was awarded. For personnel costs, as long as the funds are officially allocated by May 31st, funding can cover salary for the period between May 15th - June 30th.


All awardees will be expected to:

  • Share an informal report of progress including empirical findings at the CISLL summer retreat (typically held in May or June)
  • Submit a final report on your project, including information about activities completed and findings by the beginning of the next academic year
  • Submit a copy of the completed proposal for external funding to the CISLL Office within one year of receiving the grant
  • Awardees receiving the larger award supporting submission of a proposal for a federally funded grant are also expected to:
    • Submit the proposal to a federal funding agency and officially note CISLL as associated with the grant

Committee Review

The PoP Grant Committee will review applications based on the following criteria:

  • Importance of the project including its purpose and significance/broader impact
  • Methodological rigor of the research plan
  • Potential for future external funding and dissemination of the associated scholarship
  • Relevance to CISLL’s mission
  • Expertise in area
  • Feasibility of completing the proposal for external funding in the stated time period and relevance of the budget request to the stated objectives
  • Interdisciplinary team proposals will receive special consideration

Applications will be rank ordered by the committee. Funding will be allocated in rank order based on the committees' recommendations until the maximum amount the CISLL budget has designated for these PoP Grants has been committed.

These PoP Grants are not to support scholarship directly but rather to support the external grant proposal writing process or the collection of pilot data needed for to submit such a proposal. Any future proposals for external funding following receipt of this award must list CISLL as an interdisciplinary unit associated with the project.

Application Submission and Deadline

A completed application must be submitted by October 4, 2019. Applications must adhere to the length limitations of four pages, single-spaced with one-inch margins and no smaller than 12-point font. The reference list, itemized budget of expenses, and any additional items required for grant requests over $2000 do not count towards the 4 page limit.

The application must address all topics and guidelines and include:

  • Brief narrative of the project which includes its purpose, research plan, and significance/broader impact (at least 2 pages)
  • Brief statement of how the results of the project will be disseminated (1 paragraph)
  • Relevance to CISLL’s mission (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Brief narrative on how this funding will be used in support of potential future funding (1-2 paragraphs; only applies to grants up to $2000)
  • An itemized budget of expenses (does not count toward 4 page limit)

       Additional requirements for grant requests over $2000 (these do not count toward the 4-page limit):

  • A short biographic sketch showing expertise for each member of your project team (i.e. annotated vitae highlighting their expertise related to their role in the project and references for related work) (1 page / person)
    • If you have not yet fully assembled your team, include descriptions of team members you will seek and their relevant skills
  • An anticipated timeline for completion of the proposal for external funding
    • include a description of your plans to turn your project into a grant and the anticipated agency(s) and due date(s) for which you plan to submit your project