Awards, Grants and Scholarships

2018 award winners holding their plaques at the International Awards Recognition Reception

The Division of International Affairs recognizes and supports NIU faculty, staff and students who contribute to international education at NIU. The awards, grants and scholarships we offer allow us to raise awareness of the importance of international experiences.

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This award recognizes an academic department, administrative or support unit for contributions related to the mission of the Division of International Affairs, including the following:

  • Supporting NIU-sponsored study abroad programs.
  • Offering international courses or including international issues in courses.
  • Recruiting international faculty, staff and/or students.
  • Co-sponsoring or implementing international professional development programs.
  • Supporting faculty in their international work.
  • Supporting international students.
  • Hosting visiting international scholars and exchanges.
  • Receiving external funding for international projects.
  • Administering NIU-sponsored international events.
  • Collaborating with campus units on international activities, projects or programs.

Read more about the Outstanding Student Contribution to International Education.

By recognizing outstanding student contributions to international education, this award encourages students to participate in and create greater visibility of international experiences at NIU.

Read more about the Outstanding International Educator Award.

This award honors an NIU faculty or staff member who has made significant contributions to international education at NIU. The Division of International Affairs provides a travel reimbursement of $1,000 to the recipient.

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