2020-21 Theme: Exploration

The theme of "exploration" is a perfect fit for an honors education. Students often choose seminars to explore topics outside their disciplines. Seminars also allow students to see their own disciplines in a new light, thanks to the perspectives of those on different academic paths.

Exploration speaks to the ethos of a university as such: the pursuit of knowledge, openness to new ideas and to the unknown. It requires traits such as courage, grit and determination in order to create change, progress and understanding. Exploration also evokes histories and genealogies that are more fraught. Space exploration was tied to Cold War politics, and European exploration led to complicated imperialistic paths.

Whatever your discipline, exploration is a part of all areas of knowledge, research agendas and educational pursuits. If your idea for a seminar aligns with our theme, please make this clear in your proposal.

Read the call for proposals. The application deadline is January 13, 2020.

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