The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center acknowledges both the challenges and resilience of trans spectrum students, faculty, staff and community members. Further, in the GSRC's commitment to support, education and advocacy, we gather a collection of online resources for navigating processes and systems at NIU, aimed at removing barriers; we also offer involvement opportunities such as Transitions, TransAction Task Force and the LGBTQ+ Speaker's Bureau. We work in collaboration with other departments to develop workshops, presentations, programs and conferences on topics that are important to those who identify as and support those in the trans spectrum community.

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Adams Hall

  • Single stall on the main floor, Normal Rd. Entrance, near the Chandelier Room

Altgeld Hall

  • Two multi-stalls on first floor

Campus Recreation Center

  • Two single user in lobby, beyond check-in desk and near main office/conferee room
    • Note: these restrooms are lockable able to be used for changing facilities for individuals and/or families

Convocation Center

  • Single stall near entrance 1 (signage labeled "family restroom")

Center for Black Studies

  • Single stall on the first floor, in the administrative hallway near the director's office

Cole Hall

  • Single stall, main floor near the elevator and the Pick Anthropology Museum

Founders Library

  • Two multi-stall restrooms on the first floor, west side wall

Gabel Hall

  • Two single stall restrooms on second floor in Higher Education and Student Affairs Offices hallway

Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

    Single stall on first floor
  • Single stall on second floor

Grant Residence Hall

  • Two single stalls in North lobby (Towers C and D)
  • Two single stalls in South lobby (Towers A and B)
  • Two single stalls in C tower laundry
  • Two single stalls in D tower laundry

Health Services

  • Two single stalls on second floor (signage labeled male/female)
  • Single stall on fourth floor (signage labeled male/female)

Holmes Student Center

  • Single stall on ground floor near QDoba and Lucinda Road exit doors
  • Single stall on third floor
  • Single stall on fourth floor
  • Single stall on fifth floor
  • Single stall on sixth floor

Neptune Hall North

  • Two single stalls in basement 

Psychology/Computer Science Building

  • Two multi-stall on the ground floor near Psychology Clinic, room numbers 6 and 26

Reavis Hall

  • Two multi-stall on the second floor, near faculty offices, one labeled “All Gender,” one with no label

Stevens Building

  • Single stall on the second floor, around the corner from the dean of Theatre and Dance

NIU has a student health policy that includes coverage of healthcare items that may be of interest to gender non-conforming, non-binary and trans identified students. Below, you'll find some of the documentation that comes straight from the insurance provider on their requirements to use these covered services.

We encourage you to to contact Carole Drennan, NIU's student health insurance benefits supervisor at or 815-753-9575, for guidance on the process.

  • Prism: An officially recognized student organization since 1970, Prism is an educational and social organization for NIU students. In addition to educating the campus community about LGBT concerns, Prism provides opportunities for LGBT students and their allies to come together to share common interests in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Prism sponsors cultural, educational and social events throughout the academic year.
  • Transitions: Transitions is NIU's group for gender non-conforming community members to gather together in a safe space. The group combines socializing and community building, as well as spreading knowledge and promoting discussion. Transitions hosts a variety of meeting types and events each semester.
  • Ally Finder: The Ally program is a campus-wide program designed to foster a welcoming and supportive campus environment for LGBTQ individuals by creating a visible network of allies.

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