The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center provides a social outlet, relevant resource and support network for all NIU men through a gender equity, feminist and womanist lens. While acknowledging the privileges some men have held in history, it's imperative that we recognize the support that men who experience societal and cultural marginalization need during their educational journey. We strive to challenge societal norms about masculinity and further educate and offer opportunities to enhance the lives of NIU men. In that effort, we provide a Men’s Advisory Network meeting twice a semester and offer programs such as Men’s Health Symposium that address the needs of the men in our community. Additionally, we have intentional gender equitable conversations through our “At the Table” series. This series allows us to advocate for those men who experience societal and cultural marginalization to be included on matters that affect them as students on campus, in the community and around the world. We work in collaboration with other departments to develop workshops, presentations, programs and conferences on topics that are important to those who identify as men.


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