How do I share videos with students?

Along with deciding what software to use to produce your video, you should consider how you will deliver your content. You may need to download video files, edit them and then upload them to a streaming service to make them available to students.

Comparing NIU's streaming services

Kaltura is NIU's tool dedicated to streaming media. If your course has not only video content, but also audio, images and movies, Kaltura is the best solution. Kaltura can also be used to create short videos and screen captures by you and your students. It is possible to create a library associated with a course, but also make it open to anyone with a NIU AccountID, which makes it easy to share media across courses and store video content.

Microsoft Teams recordings are available in Microsoft Stream. When you record a Microsoft Teams meeting, the recording is available to you in Microsoft Stream. The link to view can be shared with your students through Blackboard or the video downloaded and then uploaded to Kaltura for longer term reuse.

Cloud recordings in Collaborate or Microsoft Teams are not permanent. It is likely that you will use Collaborate or Teams to record live meetings for your course and possibly to make other short videos. However, if you are making content that you plan to reuse in future semesters, you will need to download your cloud recordings and store in Kaltura. Collaborate and Teams do not provide a permanent storage service. Fortunately, both Collaborate and Teams makes this relatively simple, and you can download the files and upload them to Kaltura.

Meeting accessibility requirements

Students with disabilities must be able to access the video materials. An accessible video includes: (1) captions, (2) a transcript and (3) an audio description. You may be contacted by NIU’s Disability Resource Center to make your videos more accessible if you have a student needing an accommodation. 

There are other strategies to make your videos more accessible. You can post copies of your slides, script/outline or other digital assets you used during your video recording for students to follow along with your video. Explore other accessibility solutions in How do I address accessibility concerns?

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