Electronic Travel Voucher Preparation

According to state regulations, all employee travel must be documented, regardless of payment method. A travel voucher must be submitted for all reimbursement requests as well as travel-related commercial card transactions for which no reimbursement is requested.

Vouchers must include cost center information. We recommend providing this information to travelers in advance. The funding source determines whether an electronic or paper voucher is used:

  • NIU funds: Use the electronic travel voucher.
  • Split funds: Use the electronic travel voucher.
  • Foundation-only funds: Use the paper/Excel form and process.

The traveler or another employee may prepare the voucher, so the same person may prepare and approve a voucher. The preparer can indicate an internal reviewer, who can add another reviewer before approving. Business managers can change, add or remove cost center information before approving.

Access Electronic Travel Voucher

Tips for Submitting Vouchers

Include the following information and documentation:

  • Travel dates and destinations, including street addresses for mileage reimbursements.
  • Detailed receipts for expenses greater than $10. Credit card statements are not accepted.
  • Commercial card expenses, including corresponding receipts.
  • Departure and return codes/times to verify per diem eligibility.
  • Support for currency conversion rates, if applicable.
  • Conference brochure, registration form or other support if lodging exceeds maximum allowance.

Be sure to:

  • Use a browser supported by the OnBase system.
  • List airfare and lodging expenses separately. Packages for which this is not possible are not allowed.
Submit vouchers within 30 days of the date of travel. If submitted after 60 or more days, it may be subject to employment taxes and withholdings.