Joel Gimbel, M.S.

Joel Gimbel joined Northern Illinois University as an instructor in 2011, after earning a master's degree from the NIU Division of Statistics. Prior to embarking on his journey into higher education, Joel spent seven years teaching high school mathematics and coaching wrestling in Chicago. He has taught, or is teaching, sections of the following courses at NIU:

  • STAT 100 (STAT 208)
  • STAT 200 (STAT 301)
  • STAT 300 (STAT 350)

Joel graduated from Miami University in Ohio in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition to his Master of Science degree in applied probability and statistics from NIU, he also has a Master of Arts degree in math education from DePaul University.

When not playing around with various forms of data, numerical and otherwise, Joel enjoys playing strategy board games with his family and friends, along with an occasional round of golf.


Joel Gimbel

Joel Gimbel

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