Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Title Area Email Phone Office
Jahred Adelman

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

Director of NICADD

High Energy Physics jahred.adelman@niu.edu 815-753-6468 FR 219
Gerald Blazey

Distinguished Research Professor

Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships

High Energy Physics gblazey@niu.edu 815-753-6480 FW 230
Dennis Brown Associate Professor Materials Science debrown@niu.edu 630-910-5512 FW 208
Dhiman Chakraborty Distinguished Research Professor High Energy Physics dhiman@fnal.gov 815-753-8804 FW 220
Swapan Chattopadhyay Distinguished Research Professor Director of Accelerator Research schaterji@niu.edu 331-422-5999 FW 230A
Omar Chmaissem Distinguished Research Professor Materials Science chmaissem@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FW 210
George Coutrakon Professor Medical Physics gcoutrakon@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FR 218
Michael Eads Associate Professor High Energy Physics/Science Education meads@niu.edu 815-753-6492 FW 209
Bela Erdelyi Professor Beams Physics erdelyi@nicadd.niu.edu 815-753-6484 FW 225
Andreas Glatz Professor Materials Science glatz@anl.gov 630-252-9725 FW 217
Yasuo Ito

Associate Professor
Assistant Chair

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Materials Science yito@niu.edu 815-753-6477 FW 218
Xueying Lu

Assistant Professor

Beam Physics xylu@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FW 216
Laurence Lurio Presidential Teaching Professor

Materials Science llurio@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FW 206
Stephen Martin

Distinguished Research Professor Presidential Teaching Professor

High-Energy Theory spmartin@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FW 214
Susan Mini Professor
CLAS Acting Associate Dean
Materials Science smini@niu.edu 815-753-1066 AL 220C
Philippe Piot

Distinguished Research Professor
Board of Trustees Professor

Beams Physics piot@nicadd.niu.edu 815-753-6473 FW 220
Michael J. Syphers Research Professor Beam Physics


815-753-1772 FW 204
Michel van Veenendaal Distinguished Research Professor Solid State Theory veenendaal@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FW 223
Roland Winkler Professor Solid State Theory rwinkler@niu.edu 815-753-1772 FW 222
Zhili Xiao

Board of Trustees Professor

Distinguished Research Professor

Materials Science zxiao@niu.edu 815-753-1772
815-753-1458 (lab)
FW 212
Vishnu Zutshi

Distinguished Research and Artistry Professor

High Energy Physics vzutshi@niu.edu



FW 202

FR 221

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Area Email
Ercan Alp Visiting Professor Materials Science eea@aps.anl.gov 
Pushpa Bhat Adjunct Professor High Energy Physics bhat@fnal.gov 
Norayr Khalatyan Adjunct Professor High Energy Physics
Jyotsana Lal Adjunct Professor Condensed Matter
Tanaji Sen Adjunct Professor Accelerator Physics
Diktys Stratakis Adjunct Professor Beams Physics
Ulrich Welp Visiting Professor Materials Science uwelp@niu.edu 
Chen Xu  Adjunct Professor Beams Physics
Nestor Zaluzec Visiting Professor Materials Science Zaluzec@aaem.amc.anl.gov 

Research Scientists

Name Area Email Phone Office

Alexandre Dychkant

High Energy Physics



FW 228

Kurt Francis

High Energy Physics



FW 228

Iouri Smirnov

High Energy Physics


Sergey Uzunyan

High Energy Physics



FW 232


Name Title Email Phone Office
Greg Fagerberg Laboratory Manager gfagerberg@niu.edu 815-753-1953 FW202


Name Title Area Email on File
Carl Albright Professor Emeritus Particle Theory albright@fnal.gov
Bogdan Dabrowski Professor Emeritus Materials Science bdabrowski@niu.edu
Arthur Fedro Professor Emeritus Solid State Theory afedro1@niu.edu
Michael Fortner Associate Professor Emeritus High Energy Physics mfortner1@niu.edu
David Hedin Professor Emeritus High Energy Physics hedin@niu.edu
Thomas Rossing Professor Emeritus Acoustics 


Carol Thompson Professor Emerita Materials Science


Suzanne Willis Professor Emerita Education/Public Science Literacy swillis1@niu.edu
Augden Windelborn Assistant Professor Emeritus Education augden@niu.edu

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