Undergraduate Program


We offer a program leading to a Bachelor of Science with three different emphases: professional physics, applied physics and secondary school teaching. Illinois state educator licensure is available through the Educator Licensure, Secondary Science.

Our department is smaller than most Ph.D. granting departments. This environment provides many opportunities for undergraduates to interact with faculty both in the classroom and through student research opportunities. The average class size for junior and senior courses is fewer than 15 students. Our students have the opportunity to participate in world class research with faculty active at Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab, both of which are located within an hour's drive of the NIU campus.

Well qualified juniors or seniors planning on going to graduate school, or first year graduate students may consider applying for a NSF Graduate Fellowship or a National Physical Science Consortium Fellowship. The typical due date for these programs is November. Contact the assistant chair or director of graduate studies for more information.

There are also a number of NIU awards and scholarships available.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Yasuo Ito
Assistant Chair