Faculty Associates

The center's 24 faculty associates offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in Latino and Latin American Studies within their disciplines.

Name Affiliation Office
Dana Bardolph, Ph.D. Department of Anthropology Stevens Building 271
Nancy Dominguez-Fret, Ph.D. Spanish Linguistics and Educator Licensure WH 114
Gregory Beyer, D.M.A. School of Music: non-western instruments Music Building 468
Ximena Burgin, Ed.D. Educational Technology, Research and Assessment (ETRA) Research Interests; Assessment, culturally responsive classroom. Gabel Hall 204
James Cohen, Ph.D. Literacy Education: bilingual and ESL education, literacy instruction of immigrant and non-native English speakers, non-parallel schooled immigrant students, and undocumented immigrants. Gabel Hall 147
Christine D'Alexander, D.M.A. School of Music: instrumental music education Music Building
Ricela Feliciano-Semidei, Ph.D. Department of Mathematical Sciences Watson Hall 365
Aaron Fogleman, Ph.D. History: early America, Atlantic world Zulauf 613
Ibis Gómez-Vega, Ph.D. English: ethnic American literature, Caribbean and Cuban literature, women’s studies Reavis Hall 215
Julia Gutierrez, Ph.D. Department of Sociology Latino Center 111, Zulauf Hall 908
Yenitza Guzman, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, PEL Department of Counseling and Higher Education Graham 427B
Anne Hanley, Ph.D. History: Brazil, economics, municipal finance Zulauf Hall 715
Beatrix Hoffman, Ph.D. History: U.S. history, history of medicine, constitutional history, research methods, Latino history Zulauf Hall 715
Kristin Huffine, Ph.D. History: science, race, and power in colonial Latin America Zulauf Hall 715
Frances Jaeger, Ph.D. World Languages and Cultures: Contemporary Spanish American literature (mid-twentieth century to the present), especially poetry. Women writers, the African diaspora in Latin America, Latin American revolutions in literature.

Areas of interest: Central American (including Panama) and the Caribbean
Watson Hall 311
Laura Ruth Johnson, Ph.D. Research: introduction to qualitative research in education, advanced technologies in qualitative research, advanced field methods, interpretive research, qualitative interview methods in education Gabel Hall 204
Melissa Lenczewski, Ph.D. Geology and Environmental Geosciences: lacustrine clays from Chalco Basin, Mexico, biodegradation and sorption of MTBE and ethanol in fine grain materials from Illinois and Mexico Davis Hall 312
Anita Maddali, J.D. Director of clinics and associate professor of law Swen Parson, 197A
Leila Porter, Ph.D. Anthropology: Bolivia, South American monkeys
Area of interest: South America
Stevens 104A
Mariana Ricklefs, Ph.D. Department of Curriculum and Instruction Graham Hall 119B
Linda Saborío, Ph.D. World Languages and Culture: Latina/o and Mexican theater, performance studies, culture studies and film
Area of interest: Mexico
Watson Hall 111
Christopher Scanlon, D.M.A

School of Music Trumpet, Brass Techniques

Music Building

Mark Schuller, Ph.D. Anthropology: NGOs, globalization, disasters Stevens 181
Francisco Solares, Ph.D. Foreign Languages and Literature: Spanish language and literature, 19th century historical novels and modernismo Watson Hall 111
John Evar Strid, Ph.D. Department of Curriculum and Instruction Gabel Hall 147D
Mandy Faretta-Stutenberg, Ph.D. World Languages and Culture: Second language acquisition and psycholinguistics Watson Hall 117
Laura Vilardell, Ph.D. World Languages and Cultures Watson Hall 119
Stephen Vilaseca, Ph.D. 20th- and 21st-century Spanish peninsular literature and film Watson Hall 315
Rodrigo Villanueva, M.M. School of Music: jazz studies Music Bldg 111
Simon Weffer, Ph.D. Sociology: race and ethnicity, social movements and collective behavior, sports and society, Latino and Latin American civilization Zulauf 808

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