Leila Porter

Professor Porter is a biological anthropologist with particular interest in primate behavior and ecology. Her research focuses on South American monkeys, particularly the small-bodied tamarins, marmosets and callimicos. She has studied diet, habitat use, parental care and is interested in the evolution of social behavior among primates. Professor Porter has on-going field research in the tropics of Bolivia and is also involved in conservation efforts in this region.

Professor Porter teaches classes in introductory physical anthropology, primatology and evolutionary perspectives on sex and gender.

Recent Publications

Porter, Leila M., Rehg, Jennifer A (2018).  The ecology of Callimico goeldii: insights from mixed species groups with tamarins in Brazil and Bolivia.  In: Urbani, B, Kowalewski, M, Grasseto, R., de la Torre, S, Cortés-Ortiz, L., editors,  La Primatología en Latinoamérica 2. Tomo 1 Argentina – Colombia. Caracas: Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas. 

Porter, Leila M., Kotowski, Tyler D. (2017) Variation in cranio-facial morphology supports species-level distinctions of the white-mouthed tamarins (Leontocebus) in Peru.  Neotropical Primates 23(23):48-52. 

Erb Wendy M., Porter, Leila M. (2017) The littlest helpers: what we know (and don’t know) about cooperative infant care in callitrichine primates.  Evolutionary Anthropology 26: 25-37. 

Garber, Paul A., Porter, Leila M., Spross, Jennifer and Di Fiore, Anthony (2016) Tamarins: insights into monogamous and non-monogamous single female breeding systems.  American Journal of Primatology.  78:298-314. 

Porter, Leila M., Gilbert, Christopher C., Fleagle, John (2014) Diet and phylogeny in primate communities.  International Journal of Primatology. 35:1144-1163.

Garber, Paul A., and Porter, Leila M.  (2010) The ecology of exudate feeding and exudate production in Saguinus and Callimico. In: Burrows A., Nash L. editors, Developments in Primatology Series, The Evolution of Exudativory in Primates.  New York: Springer Press, pages 89-108.




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