Graduate Programs in Communication Studies

The Department of Communication offers a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies. Our curriculum provides rigorous, thought-provoking examinations of theory, research methods and applied practice. The degree is designed to accommodate students with a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds and interests. The flexibility of the program allows students, in consultation with faculty advisors, to design individualized programs of study suited to their academic needs.

Graduate course work is available in the following areas:

Degree Requirements

  • Students must complete 36 semester hours
  • Students must complete a thesis or 9 hours of written comprehensive examinations
  • Coms 691—Research in Communication Studies is required during the first 12 hours of enrollment
  • Students must take at least one 600 or 700-level course from each of the department’s four areas
  • Coms 630—Seminar in Communication Education is required for graduate assistants during the first semester they hold an assistantship in the department