Alumni Spotlight

Ericka E. Wilson

How did your major help prepare you for what you are doing now?

Studying broadcast journalism reeled my news career right in to the palm of my hands. I worked five internships during my undergraduate years, which continuously proved to me that I enjoyed the industry. With my journalism major and the emphasis on broadcast, I took courses at the Northern Television Center (NTC). I experienced some of my most beautiful failures there. When I first started, I thought I wanted to be a reporter and anchor, but later learned that I truly enjoyed being behind the set, making the calls and designing the newscast. I learned a new way to educate the masses through media. I fell in love with producing after producing newscasts for an entire semester at NTC and that’s what I’m doing today.

What do you feel is special about the NIU program? 

A nice handful of the professors and Instructors within the department had actually studied what I was studying and had hands on experience with the things I was looking to do. The leaders had real life lessons to teach and were very relatable, reliable and resourceful. That showed me that my teachers were genuine. It wasn’t just a department but more like a family.

Why would you recommend your major program to other students?

Studying broadcast journalism could take you across the world and into many spectrums of lifetime experiences. People hear journalism and automatically think news. But the major could help you be a better car salesman, entrepreneur, fashion designer, farmer, realtor, or even the President of the United States of America. The skills I learned prepared me for more than just a career. I adopted survival skills, thinking skills, and organizational skills. I think and read in a more creative way after studying broadcast journalism.

Is there anything you would like to tell prospective students? 

Never believe just what you’re told. Look it up for yourself (not on Wikipedia though.) Experience life for yourself. Just because something was one way for another person, doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for you. Nope, life isn't easy, but it’s not as hard as you think. Set goals, speak it into existence, pray, and live your best life. Most importantly: Nothing could be wrong but your attitude. It’s up to you to see the great in all things, it’s the easiest and most righteous way to be.

B.A. Journalism, 2015

Nightside Senior Producer, Atlanta News First