Biomedical Science Faculty

Photo of Barrie Bode

Barrie P. Bode
Cancer Biology and Molecular Physiology
Research Lab

(815) 753-1753

Photo of Jozef Bujarski

Jozef J. Bujarski
Microbiology/Plant Sciences
Research Lab

(815) 753-0601


Photo of Ana Calvo

Ana Calvo
Microbiology/Molecular Mycology
Research Lab

(815) 753-0451


Photo of Beth Gaillard

Beth Gaillard
(primary appt. Chem/Biochem)
(815) 753-6908


Photo of Pallavi Singh

Pallavi Singh
Human/animal microbiome, Bacterial pathogens, Comparative Genomics, One health, Food Safety
(815) 753-7815


Photo of Linda Yasui

Linda S. Yasui
Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Radiation Biology
Research Lab

Office: (815) 753-3521