Photo of Paul D. SorensenPaul D. Sørensen

professor emeritus, curator of the herbarium

Representative Publications

Kline, Genevieve and Paul D. Sørensen. 2008. A revision of Agrimonia (Rosaceae) in North and Central America. Brittonia 60(1): 11-33.

Kline, G. J.  & P. D. Sørensen.  2007.   Proposal to conserve the name Agrimonia microcarpa (Rosaceae) with a conserved type.  Taxon 56(1): 267-268.

Sørensen, P.D. and Anne F. Polasek. Vernalization of Shooting Star root-crowns and root-crown parts. in Springer . T., ed. Proceedings 16th N. American Prairie Conference: 73-77d. 1999

Sørensen, P.D. J. L. Luteyn, ed. Ericaceae, Part II, the superior-ovaried genera. Flora Neotropica, Monograph 66: 194-221, 1995.

Sørensen, P.D. Propagation of Shooting Star. In D. D. Smith & C. A. Jacobs, eds. Proceedings 12th North American Prairie Conference. Pp. 21-25; 1992.

Kline, G.J.,  P.D. Sørensen.  Lectotypification and synonomy of Agrimonia gryposepala Wallroth (Rosaceae). Taxon 39:512-515; 1990. 

Sørensen, P.D. A new Dahlia, Section Entemophyllon (Asteraceae: Heliantheae, Coreopsidinae), from Hidalgo, Mexico. Rhodora 89:197-203; 1987a. 

Sørensen, P.D. Arbutus tessellata (Ericaceae), new from Mexico. Brittonia 39:263-267; 1987b. 

Piatak, D.M., P.-F.L. Tang, P.D Sørensen. Constituents of Erysimum inconspicuum. Two sulfur containing lactone compounds. Lloydia 48:424-428; 1985. 

Sørensen, P.D. How does Dodecatheon Grow? Bull. Wisc. Bot. Club 16(2):10-16; 1984. 

Sørensen, P.D., P.A.  Matekaitis. A lemon-scented Pycnanthemum (Lamiaceae). Rhodora 83:145-146; 1981. 

Sørensen, P.D. New taxa in the genus Dahlia (Asteraceae, Heliantheae- Coreopsidinae). Rhodora 81:353-360; 1980.



Ph.D., 1967, University of Iowa
M.S., 1966, University of Iowa 
B.A., 1962, University of Iowa 

Fields of Interest: Plant taxonomy; systematics; ecology; conservation 

Contact: Dr. Paul Sørensen