Photo of Scott GrayburnW. Scott Grayburn

director, molecular core lab

Fields of Interest

microbial degradation of plastic, renewable biofuel, algae viruses

Representative Publications

Iverson, A., Garza, E. Manow, R.,Wang, J., Gao, Y., Grayburn, S., Zhou, S. (2016) Engineering a synthetic anaerobic respiration for reduction of xylose to xylitol using NADH output of glucose catabolism by Escherichia coli AI21. BMC Systems Biology (2016) 10:31 DOI 10.1186/s12918-016-0276-1

Yasui, L S; Duran, Maria; Andorf, Christine; Kroc, Thomas; Owens, Kathryn; Allen-Durdan, Kelsie; Schuck, Andrew; Grayburn, W. Scott; Becker, Richard (2015) AUTOPHAGIC FLUX IN GLIOBLASTOMA CELLS. Accepted, International Journal of Radiation Biology.

Holbrook, G., Davidson, Z., Tatara, R.A. , Ziemer, N.L, Rosentrater, K.A., Grayburn, W.S. (2014) Use of the microalga Monoraphidium sp. grown in wastewater as a feedstock for biodiesel: cultivation and fuel characteristics. Applied Energy 131: 386–393 DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2014.06.043

Wang Y, Li K, Huang F, Wang J, Zhao J, Zhao X, Garza E, Manow R, Grayburn S, Zhou S. (2013) Engineering and adaptive evolution of Escherichia coli W for l-lactic acid fermentation from molasses and corn steep liquor without additional nutrients (2013) Bioresour Technol 148:394-400. doi: 10.1016/j.biortech.2013.08.114. Epub 2013 Aug 27.

Grayburn, W.S., Tatara, R.A., Rosentrater, K.A., Holbrook, G.P. (2013). Harvesting, oil extraction, and conversion of local filamentous algae growing in wastewater into biodiesel. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT  4: (2), 185-190.

Palmer JM, Theisen JM, Duran RM, Grayburn WS, Calvo AM, et al. (2013) Secondary Metabolism and Development Is Mediated by LlmF Control of VeA Subcellular Localization in Aspergillus nidulans. PLoS Genet 9(1): e1003193.

Manow, R, Wang, J, Wang, Y.,  Zhao, J., Garza, E., Iverson, A., Finan, C., Scott Grayburn, S. Zhou, S.  (2012). “Partial deletion of rng (RNase G)-enhanced homoethanol fermentation of xylose by the non-transgenic Escherichia coli RM10 “ J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol. 39 (7) 977-985.

Baidya, S., Cary, J.W., Grayburn, S., Calvo, A.M. (2011) Role of nitric oxide and flavohemoglobin homologous genes in Aspergillus nidulans sexual development and mycotoxin production. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. doi:10.1128/AEM.00638-11.

Eppinger,M.., Bunk, B., Johns, M., Edirisinghe, J., Kutumbaka, K., Koenig, S., Huot, H., Riley, D.,  Daugherty, S., Martin, M,, Biedendieck, R., Braun, C., Grayburn, S., Dhingra, S., ul-Qamar, R., Seibel, J., Bremer, E., Jahn, D., Ravel, J., Vary, P. (2011) Genome sequences of the biotechnologically important B. megaterium strains QM B1551 and DSM319. Journal of Bacteriology. doi:10.1128/JB.00449-11.

Zhou, S. ,A. G. Iverson, W. S. Grayburn (2008) Engineering a Native Homoethanol Pathway in Escherichia coli B for Ethanol Production. Biotechnol Lett 30:335–342.

Li, S, Myung, K, Guse, D., Donkin, B., Proctor, R.H., Grayburn, W.S., Calvo, A.M. (2006). FvVEA regulates filamentous growth, the ratio of microconidia to macroconidia and cell wall formation in Fusarium verticillioides. Molecular Microbiology 62(5):1418-1432.

Grayburn, W.S., Hudspeth, D.S.S., Gane, M., and Hudspeth, M.E.S. (2004). The mitochondrial genome of the peronosporomycete Saprolegnia ferax: organization, gene content, and nucleotide sequence. Mycologia 96:981-989.

Grayburn, W.S., T.L. Sims (1998) Anchored oligo(dT) primers for automated dye terminator DNA sequencing. BioTechniques. 25:340-346.

Grayburn, W.S., B.A. Vick (1995) Transformation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) following wounding with glass beads. Plant Cell Reports 14:285-289.

Grayburn, W.S., D.F. Hildebrand (1995) Progeny analysis of tobacco that express a mammalian delta 9 desaturase. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 72:317-321.

Grayburn, W.S., G.B. Collins, D.F. Hildebrand. (1992) Fatty acid alteration by a delta 9 desaturase in transgenic tobacco tissue. BioTechnology. 10:675-678.

Grayburn, W.S., R. Schneider, T.R. Hamilton-Kemp, G. Bookjans, K. Ali, D.F. Hildebrand. (1991) Soybean leaves contain multiple lipoxygenases. Plant Physiol. 95: 1214-1218.

Grayburn, W.S., E.U. Selker. (1989) A natural case of RIP: Degeneration of the DNA sequence in an ancestral tandem duplication.  Mol. Cell. Biol. 9: 4416-4421.

Grayburn, W.S., A.J. Bendich. (1987) Variable abundance of a mitochondrial DNA fragment in cultured tobacco cells. Curr. Genet. 12: 257-261.


Molecular Core Lab


Ph.D., University of Washington, Botany, 1986
Stanford University, Biology, 1980
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Biology, 1979
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Chemistry, 1979 

(815) 753-0638
Office: MO 344
Lab: MO 303
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115    

Fields of Interest

microbial degradation of plastic, renewable biofuel, algae viruses