Why Anthropology


Anthropology is a broad discipline that reveals who we are past and present. Anthropologists study people and other primates using a wide variety of exciting techniques including exploring the social, cultural and biological diversity of human and nonhuman primate communities, as well as discovering material remains of the past through excavations. The skills we develop allow us to pursue a wide range of careers in schools, laboratories, nonprofits, government, marketing firms, universities and museums. Our Alumni Advisory Council consists of our Anthropology graduates from various employment sectors who can mentor you toward internship and employment opportunities.

Careers in anthropology

Anthropology prepares you for exciting 21st century careers. Employers want their employees to have a critical understanding of our increasingly multicultural world and global economy. Our graduates have those skills and are proficient writers, communicators, critical thinkers, researchers and team members. These abilities allow our graduates to pursue a variety of careers such as college professors and community college teachers, corporate positions linked to consumer preferences, counselors, librarians, museum directors, nonprofit program managers, urban and regional planners and positions in all levels of government and international organizations.

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