Setting up and Revoking Direct Deposit

Through the Direct Deposit link within the Financial Account tile in MyNIU, you can:

  • Set up direct deposit
  • View/update bank account information
  • Revoke direct deposit

Setting up Direct Deposit

  • 1

    After logging in to the MyNIU Student System, click on Financial Account tile.

    financial account tile

  • 2

    From the left navigation, click Direct Deposit.

    direct deposit left navigation

  • 3

    If you don’t have a direct deposit currently set up, click Enroll in Direct Deposit.

    enroll in direct deposit

  • 4

    Enter your routing and account number and account holder name. Confirm your account number and indicate if the account is a checking or savings account.

    bank information

  • 5

    Read the Direct Deposit Enrollment Agreement. If you agree to the terms and conditions, click on the circle next to No to make a selection of Yes. Click Submit to continue.

    direct deposit agreement

  • 6

    You will see a confirmation with the message that you have successfully enrolled in direct deposit. 

    successful enroll direct deposit

  • 7

    To review your direct deposit details, including routing number, account number and account holder name, click anywhere in the box of the account that is shown.

    review direct deposit

    From there, you can also update your routing and account number, account name and the type of bank account. Click Submit to finish the process.

Revoking Direct Deposit

  • 1

    Timeline Item Title

    To revoke direct deposit, follow the first three stepts to navigate to the direct deposit page. You will then see a screen similar to the one below. Click Revoke Direct Deposit.  

    revoke direct deposit

  • 2

    Click Yes to continue.   

    yes confirm revoke

  • 3

    You will see a notification confirming your action, with the message below.

    not enrolled direct deposit

How-to Guide

Direct Deposit (PDF)

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