Core Units

Facilities Management and Campus Services

John Heckmann, associate vice president for Facilities Management and Campus Services

Facilities Management

Architectural and Engineering Services is responsible for providing the University community with the professional services of architects and engineers. The department strives to ensure that our campus building environments and facilities are safe, comfortable, durable, and functional.

Building Services is responsible for:

  • Routine and emergency janitorial services for buildings within the University community (excluding: Holmes Student Center).
  • Snow removal from building entrances.
  • Trash Removal.
  • Pest and bug extermination requests.
  • Replacement of light bulbs.
  • Light moving services.
  • Support for campus events.

Building Maintenance and Operations is responsible for managing the following departments: Building Maintenance, Heating Plant, Material Distribution Center, and Shredding Services.

EHS provides the university community with professional services and expertise of qualified industrial hygienists, and trained specialists in fire safety, radiation safety, biological safety and chemical safety, asbestos removal, and meteorology. EHS assists with all aspects of environmental concerns on campus including, but not limited to, indoor air quality, safety training, emergency evacuation plans, fire code analysis, and hazardous material removal and disposal.

The Grounds department is responsible for the overall maintenance of the NIU Main Campus, and providing an attractive, enjoyable, and safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Campus Services

The Campus Mail department functions as a center for the receipt and dispatchment of University inter-office mail, and the receipt, dispatch, and control of United States (U.S.) stamped mail.

Central Stores is responsible for the selling of items to the University for use by campus departments. Its responsibilities include selling office supplies to University departments; selling commodities for Building and Food Services; maintaining open orders with vendors for non-stock office supply items; storing several forms, pamphlets, booklets and envelopes used by departments; and holding and destroying Operations & Community Relations Operations archives.

Central Receiving is NIU's central location for accepting and processing shipments, preparing them for delivery to university departments, providing temporary storage for surplus furniture, and shipping return items to vendors.

Property Control is responsible for overseeing and keeping records of University-owned equipment, identification of equipment by department and location, and reporting changes to the State of Illinois.

Materials Management is responsible for managing Business Records Archives, Campus Mail Services, Central Stores/Central Receiving, Distribution Services, Furniture Repair Services, Property Control, and Furniture Resale.

Parking Services is responsible for managing parking resources and issuing parking permits to employees, students, and visitors; managing, maintaining, and planning of campus parking; enforcing parking regulations; collecting enforcement charges; and handling appeals from such violators.

Distribution Services is responsible for delivering all university freight and mail; the moving of most university office and classroom equipment, furniture, and supplies; providing delivery and pick-ups of surplus; and providing distribution of tables and chairs for university departments.

Furniture Repair provides renovation and repair services for University-owned furnishings, including furniture, carpeting, drapery, and window blinds.

Transportation is responsible for administering parking services, campus transit services, transportation alternatives, fleet operations, event parking, and the maintenance of transportation facilities on campus.

Finance and Treasury Services

Shyree Sanan, associate vice president for Finance and Treasury Services 

Accounts Payable Services (APS) is responsible for processing all disbursements, other than personal services, for each of the three major sources of funds of the university.
Some of the services the office handles:

  • Reimbursements for employees and students traveling on university business
  • Procurement card (p-card) applications and management
  • Petty cash and working funds advances
  • Vendor electronic payment authorization (ACH)
  • Independent contractor authorization

Office of the Bursar provides services and support to NIU students, commercial customers and other NIU departments. Our office processes payments and refunds as well as offers payment plans and advice regarding your financial situation with NIU. Within the Office of the Bursar there are four key areas of operation: Accounts Receivable, Cashiering, Account Counseling, and OneCard ID Services. Each of these operations provides services and support to NIU students, commercial customers and other NIU departments.

Controller's Office processes and reports financial transactions of the University accurately and timely in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with applicable regulations to meet the needs of university stakeholders.

One Card ID Services provides identification card service for the NIU community and issues the official IDs for students and NIU personnel. The office also manages the Huskie Bucks program which is NIU’s designated debit card system. Only students, faculty, staff, and retirees are eligible to obtain a OneCard ID.

P-Card The NIU Procurement Card and Declining Balance Card (PC/DBC) program enables authorized employees to use the card for authorized University expenses only. Program policies and procedures apply to all NIU employees participating in the card program.

Procurement Services and Contract Management is responsible for the administration of purchasing and contracting activity for the university.  They are also responsible for adhering to all requirements of the Illinois Procurement Code, the Procurement Rules of the Chief Procurement Officer for Public Institutions of Higher Education, Minority and Female Business Enterprise Act, applicable federal/state laws and regulations and University policies and procedures.

Treasury Operations provides cash management services, manages the University investment program, and oversees credit card merchant services. They are responsible for monitoring daily cash needs, initiating and approving electronic bank transactions, tracking and issuing debt service payments, coordinating incoming and outgoing international exchange transactions, investing excess funds, managing the PCI DSS compliance program, and serving as liaison to all financial partners.

Operations Services

Emily Hochstatter, director, Risk Management and Administrative Initiatives

Risk Management is responsible for managing insurance procurement, claims filed on behalf of the university, and overall asset protection. Services include: Certificates of Insurance, Alcohol Service Requests, Contract Reviews, Claim History Requests, and Incident Reporting.

Budget and Financial Planning

Andrew Rogers, director

Budget and Planning is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the University’s internal operating budgets and reporting on the status of the budget to the administration, preparing the University’s operating budget request to the Illinois Board of Higher Education, conducting analysis and preparing documentation to support our annual General Revenue appropriation that is required by the Illinois General Assembly and Governor’s Office of Management and Budget.