Responsible Conduct of Research

RCR Forum Series 

Spring 2015

The RCR forum is designed to support high quality research and to promote graduate student
professional development. Forum sessions will provide information for students about Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).

All sessions will meet in the Heritage Room of the HSC at Noon

January 28th   Human Subjects Research
Host: Jeanette Gommel (ORCI); Presenter: Brad Sagarin (PSYCH)
Human subjects research is carefully regulated. This session will cover what researchers need to know about which research is subject to regulation, how to follow the rules for project approval, where to get appropriate training, and accepting continuous responsibility for compliance.

February 11th   Laboratory Safety
Host: Gary M. Baker (CHEM); Presenter: Andy Small (CHEM, Lab Manager)
Practicing safe research and adopting safe practices in all laboratory settings is of paramount concern. Laboratory safety is more than following policies and procedures or complying with regulations. This presentation will discuss steps taken at NIU to promote a safety culture as a core value among graduate students.

March 4th   Data Management
Host: Shannon Wapole (ORCI); Presenter: Thomas Pavkov (HHS) , Lucy Bilaver (HHS), Karl Pettitt (NIU LIB), TJ Lusher (NIU LIB)
Data management practices are becoming increasingly complex. They are no longer limited to data ownership, and now include data collection, storage, retention, sharing, protection, analysis, and reporting. This session will touch on all the divisions of data management.

March 25th Authorship and Publication
Host: David Goldblum (GEOG); Panelists: Barrie Bodie (BIOS), David Changnon (GEOG), and Anne Hanley (HIST)
Given the importance of publishing research results, it is essential that graduate students are aware of responsible and customary authorship and publication practices. This session will cover issues such as authorship issues, peer-review process, collaboration, and resolving conflicts.

April 8th Research Misconduct
Host: Shannon Wapole (ORCI); Panelists: Carol Thompson (Physics) Brad Bond (NIU Graduate School)
Research misconduct policies provide guidance on responsible conduct of research. This session will cover the basics of NIU’s research misconduct policy as well as give insight to the investigation process.

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January 28th 2015  Human Subjects Research 

February 11th 2015   Laboratory Safety

March 4th 2015   Data Management 

March 25th, 2015   Authorship and Publication

April 8th, 2015    Research Misconduct