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Our graphic identity standards ensure that we have a consistent look and feel to our communications, there is a definitive visual sense of NIU across all visual communications media and that we create a sense of cumulative impact in our visual presence. Similarly, the way we talk and write about the university should have a consistency and adhere to a set of key themes that represents the character of NIU and the value proposition that an NIU education represents.

This graphic standards guide for institutional branding is designed to be a reference for implementing the visual and narrative identity of Northern Illinois University. It is important to use these elements correctly and consistently to build the university’s brand and enhance understanding of the institution and its various divisions, colleges, departments and programs. A unified commitment to institutional branding will support our ability to deliver on our mission. Building and maintaining the Northern Illinois University brand identity is an institutional priority set by the President and managed by the Marketing and Communications Division with support from the University Marketing Communications Council.