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Division of Research & Innovation Partnerships

Name Title Phone Email Location
Gerald Blazey Vice President for Research and Innovation 753-1883 301 Lowden Hall
Cathy Cradduck Administrative Assistant 753-5008 301 Lowden Hall
Niko Tsiagalis Budget Analyst 753-0828 302 Lowden Hall

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Office of Research Compliance, Integrity & Safety

Name Title Phone Email Location
Shannon Stoker Acting Director 753-2882 301 Lowden Hall
Michele Crase Laboratory Safety Manager 753- 9251 327 Faraday Hall
James Gable Chemical Safety Officer/CHO 753-1610 207 Montgomery Hall
Jeanette Gommel Research Compliance Coordinator 753-8588 301 Lowden Hall
MJ Blaschak IRB Chair 753-1383  
Joel Stafstrom IBC Chair 753-3207  
Richard B. King IACUC Chair 753-7833
Lene Scherer Office Manager 753-9282 301 Lowden Hall
  Home 753-8588 301 Lowden Hall

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Sponsored Programs Administration

Name Title Phone Email Location
Dara Little Assistant Vice President 753-9285 301 Lowden Hall
Kellie Dyslin Associate Director, Proposal Support 753-7090 305 Lowden Hall
Susan Gossman Associate Director, Award Support 753-6062 301 Lowden Hall
Craig Mulligan Grants & Contracts Administrator 753-6131 203 Lowden Hall
Lynn Montag Office Manager 753-1490 305 Lowden Hall
Linda Carlson Office Support Specialist 753-1576 203 Lowden Hall
Rachael Andel Award Coordinator 753-6493 305 Lowden Hall
Julie Miller eRA Coordinator 753-1583 301 Lowden Hall
Andrea Buford Sr. Research Development Specialist 753-9283 227G Wirtz Hall
Cindy Barnes Grants and Contracts Associate 753-6059 203 Lowden Hall
Regina Jahn Research Development Specialist 753-1133 352 Faraday Hall
Kristin Bigelow Grants and Contracts Associate 753-6064 203 Lowden Hall
Donna Martin Sr. Research Development Specialist 753-9279 322 Graham Hall
Carrie Blackwood-Williams Grants and Contracts Associate 753-5901 203 Lowden Hall
Qiang Mei Research Development Specialist 753-6911 31 Engineering Bldg
Barbara Whitesel Grants and Contracts Associate 753-6061 203 Lowden Hall
  Home 753-1576    305 Lowden Hall

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Technology Transfer Office

Name Title Phone Email Location
Rita Yusko Manager 753-9281 305 Lowden Hall
Karinne Bredberg Intellectual Property Specialist 753-1125 305 Lowden Hall

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NIU Press

Name Title Phone Email Location
Cara Carlson  Acting Co-Director/Business Manager  753-1826 2260 Bethany Rd.
Amy Farranto Acting Co-Director/Editor 2260 Bethany Rd.
Nathan Holmes  Managing Editor 753-9908 2260 Bethany Rd.
Lori Propheter Marketing Manager 753-9905 2260 Bethany Rd.
Yunhui Door Graphic Designer Associate 753-9906 2260 Bethany Rd.
Pat Yenerich  Office Manager  753-1075 2260 Bethany Rd.
  Home 753-1075   2260 Bethany Rd.

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Federal Relations

Name Title Phone Email Location
Anna Quider Director 761-5558 Washington, D.C.

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Center for Burma Studies

Name Title Phone Email Location
Catherine Raymond Director 753-0512 101 Pottenger House
Carmin Berchiolly Research Assistant 753-0512 101 Pottenger House
Markie Striegel Graduate Assistant 753-0512 101 Pottenger House

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Information Services

Name Title Phone Email Location
Eric Biletzky Manager, Information Services 753-3439 301 Lowden Hall

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