Constitution & Bylaws

Bylaws of Northern Illinois University



13.1 All information contained in any faculty member's personnel file shall be open for inspection by that faculty member with the following exception: Written statements assessing the professional qualifications, performance, or promise of a faculty member which are solicited as the result of a process of which that faculty member is knowledgeable and to which that person has specifically consented, and which are made available only to those serving on the committee(s) concerned with evaluating the faculty member in question, and to those administrative officers being advised by such committee(s). Summaries of such statements, prepared by those committees and administrators, will also be provided to the faculty member, who may submit concise written responses to accompany them, with the provision that the sources of those statements will not be revealed to that person.

13.2 A faculty member shall be informed prior to the inclusion of any adverse charges or information in his or her file and offered an opportunity for inclusion of a written rejoinder to be attached to the original statement.

13.3 This article applies to both ranked and no-rank faculty and their respective personnel files.