2018-19 Committees of the University

University Scholarships Committee

Membership of University Scholarships Committee

  1. The University Scholarships Committee is directly responsible to the president and is composed of one faculty member from each undergraduate degree-granting college, appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the College Councils; the director of the Scholarship Office; and the senior administrator responsible for University Honors. The chair of the committee may appoint ad hoc reviewers from the regular faculty as needed to carry out the evaluation of scholarship applicants. The administrator responsible for University Honors shall serve as chair. The term of office of the faculty members shall be three years, staggered.
  2. The duties of the University Scholarships Committee shall be:
    1. To establish criteria for scholarships which are directed to the committee; 
    2. To establish procedures for applications for all scholarships which are directed to the committee; 
    3. To choose recipients of scholarships which are directed to the committee; 
    4. To serve as a review body for student financial aid grievances;
    5. To receive, on an annual basis as awarded from all granting units, a list of non-need-based awards by recipient and amount along with the criteria used for selection;
    6. To promote vigorous recruiting of talented students.

University Scholarships Committee

The USC meets as needed, typically two or three times per year, with occasional electronic meetings.

Natalie Churyk
Shaokun Yu Shaokun Yu
Shaokun Yu
Christine Kiracofe Lindsay Harris Lindsay Harris
Lindsay Harris
Engineering & Engineering Technology
Jaejin Hwang for Muthuswamy Jaejin Hwang for Muthuswamy
Health and Human Sciences
Manju Daniel
Manju Daniel
Manju Daniel
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dave Ballantine for Miller
David Ballantine
Visual & Performing Arts
Ann Van Dijk Ann Van Dijk
Ann Van Dijk
*Administrator responsible for University Honors
Todd Gilson Todd Gilson
Director, Scholarship Office
Anne Hardy
Anne Hardy

* chair