2019-20 Committees of the University

Computing Facilities Advisory Committee

Membership of Computing Facilities Advisory Committee

The pervasive nature of information technology (IT) in all areas of the institution calls for an IT function that is responsive to the needs of the university community it supports. It is equally important that the community remain informed of the opportunities and necessities that arise from the operation of the computing environment. These mutual imperatives are best satisfied through a rich and continual conversation between representatives of IT and the university community. The Computing Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) is designed to be one element of this conversation.

  1. Intent: CFAC shall be advisory to the chief information officer, particularly in matters related to the university's mission to promote excellence and engagement in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship.
  2. Focus: CFAC shall particularly focus on the view and use of technology in all aspects of academic life, to include the students, faculty, and academic administration in the pursuit of scholarship and engagement throughout the entire lifecycle of those activities.
  3. Membership: CFAC shall consist of the following roles or appropriate designees:

    a.  The chief information officer;

    b.  The executive secretary of the University Council;

    c.  The vice president for university advancement;

    d.  The chief academic officer;

    e.  The vice president for student affairs;

    f.  A representative from the Council of Deans, selected by the Council of Deans, to serve a three-year term;

    g.  Faculty, one from each degree-granting college and the University Libraries. Selections shall be made by the college councils and the faculty of the University Libraries. Faculty will serve three-year staggered terms;

    h.  One member of the supportive professional staff, selected by the Supportive Professional Staff Council, to serve a three-year term;

    I.  One member of the operating staff, selected by the Operating Staff Council, to serve a three-year term;

    j.  One representative of the students, selected by the Student Association, to serve a one-year term.
  4. Rules: CFAC shall adopt and codify its rules of operation. Notwithstanding any such internal decisions regarding the conduct of individual meetings, the following shall also apply:

    a.  A chair shall be elected by and from the members of CFAC;

    b.  The chief information officer shall serve as a nonvoting, ex officio member;

    c.  The executive secretary of the University Council, or designee, shall serve as a nonvoting, ex officio member of the committee.
  5. Functions:  CFAC shall perform the following functions:

    a.  Advise the chief information officer in matters of technology, as well as its application and accessibility, to assure that the interests of the university are adequately served. Such advice may include, but shall not be limited to, matters of:

         i.   policy, planning, and priorities.\;
         ii.  the scope of general support and services provided to the university community;
         iii. the efficacy of general support and services provided to the university community;

    b.  Convey recommendations and impressions about major changes, deletions, and new technologies that have had or will have a broad effect on the campus. Be a conduit for communications from the campus to IT.

    c.  Convey the advice from and response to the committee back to each member's representative community in a timely and accurate manner. Be a conduit for communication from IT to the campus.

    d.  Continually develop and implement additional procedures to improve communication of current policies and notification of proposed changes in information technologies to faculty most likely to be affected by such policies and changes in technologies.
  6. Changes: Substantive changes in the practices used to govern CFAC are subject to approval of the University Council. 

Computing Facilities Advisory Committee

CFAC meets periodically on Fridays, 2 p.m. The fall 2019 semester dates are: Sep 20 and Nov 22.

+ Chief Information Officer
Matt Parks
Matt Parks
+ Executive Secretary of University Council or designee
Therese Arado Kendall Thu
Vice President for University Advancement or designee
Tim Webster (designee)
Tim Webster (designee)
Chief Academic Officer or designee
Jason Rhode (designee)
Carolinda Douglass (designee)
Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
Mike Kuba (designee)
Mike Kuba (designee)
Council of Deans representative
Fred Barnhart Fred Barnhart
Shaokun (Carol) Yu
Matt Pickard Matt Pickard
Matt Pickard
Todd Reeves
Todd Reeves
Engineering and Engineering Technology
Shun Takai
Shun Takai Shun Takai Shun Takai
Health and Human Sciences
Bryan Dallas
Bryan Dallas
Sharon Nelson
Sharon Nelson Sharon Nelson
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Joseph Scudder for Pingel 
Joseph Scudder Joseph Scudder Joseph Scudder
Visual and Performing Arts
Patricia Skarbinski
University Libraries 
*Matthew Short Matthew Short
Supportive Professional Staff
Michael Stang
Stephanie Richter Stephanie Richter Stephanie Richter
Operating Staff 
Rahul Thatte
*Rahul Thatte Rahul Thatte Rahul Thatte
Student (1)
Jabreel Baig Saurav Mukhopadhyay

        * chair
        + ex officio nonvoting