Student Testing

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As a new or current NIU student, you have many testing options to help you complete your degree.

Please note: If you have a disability, contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at or 815-753-1303 to arrange testing accommodations. You may need to provide documentation to the DRC.

Tests for New Students

If you're a new student, you may need to take placement exams before you register for classes. Read more about tests for new students.

Test Out of College Courses

You may have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking exams. Credit by examination allows you to skip introductory classes and save money on tuition.

At NIU, you're expected to meet core competency requirements in certain subjects. You can fulfill these requirements in a few ways, including taking courses or passing core competency exams.

If you're bilingual, you can earn college credit by passing the Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) Test, which measures your fluency in a language other than English.

Qualifying Exams for Specific Majors

If you're an accountancy major, you must meet certain requirements before you can enroll in upper-division accountancy courses. This may involve passing the Accountancy Qualifying Exam.