Deposit Options

Adding Funds to an Existing Huskie Bucks Account

You may add funds to an existing Huskie Bucks account in the following ways:

  • Cash or Check (made payable to NIU) at the following locations:
  • Credit or Debit Card (online only):  Credit Cards
    To make an online deposit, visit the Transact eAccounts portal. Online deposits are made in real-time.
    • Deposits for your own Huskie Bucks account, sign in with your Z-ID/AccountID and NIU password
    • Deposits for a parent/child/relative/friend, select the Guest Deposit option. You will need to have all of the following NIU OneCard ID cardholder's information (all fields required):
      • Student's First Name
      • Student's LastName
      • Student's EMPLID
    The eAccounts deposit options can also be found through the MyOneCard tab when logged in to Blackboard
  • Mail:
    Download our Huskie Bucks Mail Deposit Form and send a check made payable to the address provided. Deposits are made the same day we receive them.

HB Visitor Card NOTE: If you are not eligible for a OneCard ID but still wish to use Huskie Bucks, you may purchase a Huskie Bucks Visitor Card for $1.00 and then use it anywhere Huskie Bucks are accepted.