The student conduct process at Northern Illinois University is designed as an educational opportunity and is built upon the principles of “due process” and “fundamental fairness,” as defined by controlling case law and applicable federal and state regulations. The student conduct process is not a substitute, nor does it mimic criminal or civil law processes.

Students who are part of the student conduct process are entitled to have an advisor. An advisor may not participate in the conduct process, on behalf of the student, but may and should confer with their advisee, and offer sage advice. Advisors may ask questions of the procedure throughout the process.

Specific items that you may want to familiarize yourself with, in preparation for your role as an advisor include:

Privacy of Records

Student Conduct records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974, as amended) (99 CFR 1232). Students enrolled in an institution of higher education have the authority to share information related to their education records with whomever they choose. In order for Student Conduct to release information contained in education records, it is necessary for the student to sign a release of information, and specifically identify the person to whom the records may be released. A release form is available on the Student Conduct website.

Student Conduct Process Flow Chart

Non-Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Matters

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