Careers in English: Gina Pulciani

Gina Pulciani

“Earning my BA in English at NIU was among the best things I’ve done for myself both personally and professionally. This qualification opens doors for me globally as a teacher of the English language and literature, and I’ve formed a solid career as a middle and high school teacher overseas.

I've taught English as a Second Language, English Literature, Humanities, Academic Writing, and IELTS Test Prep to grades 6-12 at a private bilingual school in Hanoi, Vietnam for the past three years. Previously, I put my degree to use teaching at Apollo English Training Center in both Hai Phong and Hanoi, Vietnam. This summer, I'll be earning a Cambridge DELTA (Masters Level teaching certification) in Prague, Czech Republic. While I've fallen in love with Vietnam, my qualification from NIU puts me in high demand on every continent of the globe. What’s more, I couldn’t have asked for more supportive, knowledgeable, and inspirational professors as those I found in NIU’s English department. The classes themselves were so dynamic, creative, and encouraging that I now aspire to be the type of educator I worked with at NIU. A decade later, I am still in touch with many of these professors.

I recommend NIU’s English department wholeheartedly to anyone with a genuine, passionate interest in language and the human experience. You’ll be prepared for life beyond college, while inspired for a lifetime.” 

Gina Pulciani

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