Ryan Shepherd

Associate Professor

Office: RH 215B
Phone: 815-753-6603
Email: rshepherd@niu.edu

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2014
  • M.A., Indiana University, 2006

Professional Interests

  • Writing Transfer
  • Multimodal Composition
  • Digital Literacy
  • Composition Pedagogy
  • Social Justice Pedagogy
  • Graduate Education

Select Publications

  • Alexander, Kara Poe, Davis, Matthew, Mina, Lilian W., and Shepherd, Ryan P. (2023). Multimodal composing and writing transfer. Utah State University Press.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2023). The other curriculum: Social media and its connection to university writing. In K. A. Alexander, M. Davis, L. W. Mina, and R. P. Shepherd (Eds.), Multimodal composing and writing transfer. Utah State University Press. 
  • Shepherd, Ryan P., Mauck, Courtney A., Barber, Christopher J., and Fletcher, Sue. (2021). Beyond osmosis: Developing Teaching for Transfer pedagogy for graduate classes in composition. Composition Forum, 46.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2020). Gaming Reddit's algorithm: r/the_donald and the rhetoric of sorting. Computers and Composition, 56, 1-14.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2020). What reddit has to teach us about discourse communities. Kairos, 24(2).
  • Shepherd, Ryan P., Johnson, David T., Fletcher, Sue, Mauck, Courtney A., and Barber, Christopher J. (2020). ENG 7980: Learning Transfer in History and Theories of Composition. Composition Studies, 48(1), 88-102.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2018). The literacy of Facebook: SNS literacy practices and learning transfer in FYC. The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, 2(2), 70-86.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2018). Digital writing, multimodality, and learning transfer: Crafting connections between composition and online composing. Computers & Composition, 48, 103-114.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P., O'Meara, Katherine Daily, and Snyder, Sarah Elizabeth. (2016). Grammar agreements: Toward a more finely-tuned approach to corrective feedback. Journal of Response to Writing, 2(1), 43-57.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2016). Men, women, and Web 2.0 writing: Gender difference in Facebook composing. Computers and Composition, 39, 14-26.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P. (2015). FB in FYC: Facebook use among first-year composition students. Computers and Composition, 35, 86-107.
  • Shepherd, Ryan P., and Goggin, Peter N. (2012). Reclaiming 'old' literacies in the new literacy information age: The functional literacies of the mediated workstation. Composition Studies, 40(2), 66-91.