Ibis Gómez-Vega

Ibis Gomez-Vega

Twentieth-Century American literature, Ethnic literature, American Drama, Gay and Lesbian literature

Office: RH 332
Email: ibis@niu.edu 

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. University of Houston, 1995
  • M.A. University of Houston, 1979
  • B.A. University of Houston, 1976



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Short Stories

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Entries in books

"En mi familia."  Conversaciones: Relatos de padres y madres de hijas lesbianas e hijos gay.  Ed. Mariana Romo-Carmona.  San Francisco: Cleis Press, 2001.  85-91.  Awarded the Lambda Award for 2002.

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Review Essays

"The Art of Telling Stories in the Poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye."  MELUS 26.4 (2001): 245-252.  Came out in May 2002.


Her Understudy, given a staged reading at NIU on April 7, 2009. 

Raise a Crow, given a staged reading by Theater Rhinoceros in San Francisco in 1985 and by At the Foot of the Mountain in Minneapolis in 1984.