Gulsat Aygen

Gulsat Aygen

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Office: RH 319
Professional website:

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Harvard University; 2002
  • M.A. Bogazici University, Turkey; 1998
  • B.A. Bogazici University, Turkey; 1996

Professional Interests

  • Linguistic Theories, Syntax and Morphology
  • Brain and Language
  • English as a Second Language
  • Turkic Linguistics, Kurdic Linguistics
  • Comparative Linguistics

Selected Publications

  • 2022. “Morphosyntax: Morpho-Syntactic Marking of Inflectional Categories in English.” In Research Anthology on Applied Linguistics and Language Practices, Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, et al (eds.) Chapter Hershey: IGI Global Information Science Reference. Chapter 42. pp 884-933. Hershey: IGI Global.
  • 2022. Crowds and Power/Kitle ve Iktidar(11th ed.) Elias Canetti. Istanbul: Ayrıntı Publications.
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  • 2019. English Grammar: A Descriptive Linguistic Approach + The App. Revised 3rd Edition. Kendall Hunt.
  • 2017. "In Search of 'Adyghe' in Turkey: A report on 'Adyhge' Research."
  • 2016. “Syntax in Seattle,” in Watching TV with a Linguist. Kristy Beers Fägersten (ed.) Syracuse University Press: New York, New York, 231-257.
  • 2015. Copular structures as (non)phases in Turkish: synchronic and diachronic perspective. with Atakan Ince and Ozgur Aydin. Ankara Papers in Turkish and Turkic Linguistics, Turcologica 113, Deniz Zeyrek, Çiğdem Sağin Şimşek, Jochen Rehbein and Ufuk Atas (eds.) Harrassowitz Verlag Wiesbaden, pp. 87-98.
  • Chomsky on Anarchism/Anarsizm Üzerine Chomsky. Trans. Ed. Gulsat Aygen. Istanbul: Agora Publications, 2013.
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