Program Overview

We offer an undergraduate minor and contract major. The minor can be paired with any bachelor's degree program.

Map Out a Minor

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    Sign Up For The Minor

    Complete the minor worksheet and meet with the undergraduate advisor at the center. Email or call 815-753-1595 to make your advising appointment.
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    Take a Southeast Asian Language

    Requirements for the minor include 10 semester hours of a Southeast Asian foreign language (Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai or Vietnamese.


    12 semester hours of Chinese language

    • All fulfill the B.A. language requirement
    • Funding available for intermediate and advanced study of Southeast Asia languages only
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    Sign Up For Area Studies Courses

    Select an additional nine semester hours, from at least two departments, of additional Southeast Asian language or non-language credit.

    Courses are offered in anthropology, art history, family, consumer and nutrition sciences, foreign language and literatures, geography, history, music, political science as well as the introductory minor class SEAS 225.

    View the minor course list

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    Think About Studying Abroad

    Broaden your horizons by traveling to Southeast Asia through one of our area studies or language programs.

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    Graduate With A Specialty

    Complete your degree with a distinctive resume that stands out.


Undergraduate SEAS students:
Rachael Skog, CSEAS outreach and advising

Undecided undergraduate students:
Contact the Academic Advising Center

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advising

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