Faculty Seminar Topics

Our faculty would like to participate in your chemistry and/or biochemistry seminar programs. The talks below are adapted specifically for undergraduate student recruitment; however, we will be glad to work with your department so that the level of the material is appropriate for the audience.

To include a member of our faculty in your fall and/or spring schedule, please contact Director of Graduate Studies Victor Ryzhov, ryzhov@niu.edu or 815‐753‐6955. If you have specific dates to fill, we would suggest that you provide a priority list of speakers and/or dates to ensure the availability of your choices.

We look forward to visiting your campus and informing your students and faculty about the exciting research and graduate study opportunities in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Northern Illinois University.

Expenses may be borne by NIU if the visit provides an opportunity for student recruitment and your institution is within a reasonable travel/driving distance from NIU. Please contact Victor Ryzhov, ryzhov@niu.edu or 815‐753‐6955, to further discuss the availability of such funding.

Faculty Member Seminar Title(s)
Yingwen Cheng "Modulating Electrochemical Interface for Energy Storage and Catalysis"
Elizabeth R. Gaillard "Chemistry Involved in Blinding Diseases in Humans"
Thomas M. Gilbert "Lies My Professor Told Me: Computational Studies of VSEPR Concepts and Self-Catalysis"
Timothy J. Hagen "Discovery of New Anti‐infective Agents Using Organic Synthesis and Structural Biology"
Oliver Hofstetter "Application of affinity-reagents in analytical chemistry and forensic science"
James R. Horn "Tailor‐Made Proteins: Mimicking Biology with Protein Engineering"
Narayan S. Hosmane "Boron Chemistry and Applications to Cancer Treatment"
Douglas A. Klumpp "New Chemistry of Superelectrophiles"
Tao Li "Illuminating Energy Materials with X-ray Techniques"
Evgueni Nesterov "Amplifying fluorescent chemical sensors based on semiconducting polymers"
Irina Nesterova "Molecular sensors based on nucleic acids"
Victor V. Ryzhov "Metal-ion catalysis for sustainable energy applications studied by mass spectrometry and gas-phase ion chemistry"
Lee S. Sunderlin "Violating the Octet Rule: the Chemistry of Hypervalent Bonds"
Tao Xu "Nanoarchitectured Materials for Solar Energy Conversion and Utilization"

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