Overview of CLAS Clinical Experiences

Clinical observations in regional high schools are an essential and exciting part of the educator preparation process.

In CLAS educator candidates must complete 100-120 hours of observations through three sequenced one semester classes, followed by a semester of student teaching:

Benefits to educator candidates of this three-semester clinical experience include:

  • Exposure to wide variety of school settings such as rural/urban, small/large, diverse student population/ non-diverse student population
  • Allowing candidates to learn about the practice of education through a tiered system
  • Providing candidates a chance to apply knowledge and skills gained in their content and education related classes to a real world situation.
  • Inspiring and encouraging educator candidates to see their potential to become teachers.
  • Making contacts with teachers and administrators and building professional relationships  

The Office of Teacher Preparation and Development, CLAS, is responsible for all placements and teaching the ILAS 201 and 301 courses, with input from the specific programs. In all clinicals and student teaching, this office will try to assign students to a district within 60 miles of their place of residence. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation.