Second Clinical Experience (ILAS 301)

ILAS 301 has two parts:

  • Clinical observations: Thirty total clock hours of observation in a high school where candidates observe primarily within their discipline and are expected to be an active participant in the classroom.
  • Seminars: Eight class sessions where candidates hear from local public school teachers and administrators and participate in small-group discussions around lessons that relate to their observations.

Primary Goals

  • Allow candidates to interact with students in a more active manner
  • Introduce candidates to strategies for addressing the diverse learning needs of students within their content area
  • Allow students an opportunity to engage in real-world problem solving of challenges they see in their observations.
  • Introduce candidates to the process of lesson planning.
  • Provide students with an overview of the edTPA process.

Sample Seminar Topics

  • Differentiation and Assessment
  • Resumes, Interviews and Applications
  • Lesson Planning
  • Motivating the Unmotivated Student