In charge: Professor Abul K.M. Azad

The laboratory located at Still Hall 204 facilitates various laboratory courses and research projects covering the areas of digital logic design, communication, microprocessor and microcontroller, FPGA and CPLD prototyping using VHDL, digital signal processing, system modeling and simulation and mechatronics. For computing, there are a number of PCs loaded with Windows XP, Multisim, Matlab, LabVIEW, Xilinx Web pack for VHDL, Embedded studio, MS Office and AutoCAD.

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Courses utilizing this laboratory

  • Tech 277A: Digital Logic Design Laboratory
  • Tech 377A: Microprocessors and Interfacing Laboratory
  • Tech 378A: Communication Systems Design Laboratory
  • Tech 430: Microcontroller Interfacing and Applications
  • Tech 471: Digital and Data Communications
  • Tech 473: Advanced Digital Design
  • Tech 479: Special Topics in Engineering Technology

Graduate Assistants


Abul K.M. Azad
College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
SH 103A