Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (ISA)

Professor Azad was the founding advisor for the ISA (Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society) NIU student section. Some of the group's activities are presented below:

Hovercraft Project

This involves the design and building of a single person hovercraft. The project was sponsored by the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford, IL. The system was demonstrated during Engineer's Week 2003. The Discovery Center Museum is currently holding one of these hovercrafts and the other is with the NIU Technology Department.

Tesla Coil Project

This project was funded by the NIU Undergraduate Special Opportunities in Artistry and Research Program (USOAR). This involves the design and building of a tesla coil.

Basic Utility Vehicle

This project is also funded by the NIU USOAR. This project was jointly proposed with the SME and the ISA student groups of NIU. The task involved the design and building of a basic utility vehicle.


Abul K.M. Azad
College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
SH 103A