At NIU, Professor Azad has been teaching courses in the areas of digital electronics, microprocessor and microcontrollers, digital and analog communication and advanced digital design (involving FPGA, CPLD and VHDL).

Lecture Courses

  • Tech 277: Digital Logic Design
  • Tech 377: Microprocessors and Interfacing
  • Tech 378: Communication Systems Design I
  • Tech 430: Microcontroller Interfacing and Applications
  • Tech 471: Digital and Data Communications
  • Tech 473: Advanced Digital Design
  • Tech 477/478: Senior Design Projects I and II

Laboratory Courses

  • Tech 277A: Digital Logic Design Laboratory
  • Tech 377A: Microprocessors and Interfacing Laboratory
  • Tech 378A: Communication Systems Design Laboratory

He also has experience teaching courses on control systems, instrumentation, mobile robotics and mechatronics.


Abul K.M. Azad
College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
SH 103A