Semester Action Plan

Consider broad goals this semester. What habits can you develop that will help create an overall positive experience (academically, socially, etc)? When you reach the end of the semester, what do you want to have accomplished and how do you want to feel? Use this worksheet to identify 3 broad goals. Keep this sheet where you’ll always see it, and refer to it when completing the Weekly Action Plan worksheet. Revisit this worksheet to monitor how your goals have shifted in response to changes as the semester unfolds.

How will progress on this goal positively affect your live as a student at NIU?
To make progress on this goal, what behaviors might you need to chang? What new behaviors might you need to include?
Make Your Goal SMART: Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive
Ex: I want to exercise regularly Exercising gives me more energy and helps me sleep better. With more energy and sleep, I'll be more alert in classes and can study with more focus. I can't return to my room after classes because I'll be less likely to go to gym later. Instead, I'll pack workout clothes in my backpack and go to gym directly after class. I will go to gym 4X/week, doing a combination of cardio and weights. I'll ask a friend to join me to keep me motivated and accountable. I'll keep a chart tallying my progress.

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