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Browse our senior design showcase of more than 250 students online where they will showcase their innovative engineering and engineering technology projects that they worked on throughout the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Senior Design Worksheet

Teachers, here’s a worksheet (PDF) that you can assign to students that guides them in reporting on their experience with Senior Design Day.

Future CEET Huskie Pride Downloads

As a reward for completing the assignment, we have some fun downloadable graphics students will want on their phones, tablets and social media profiles.

Lesson: What is a Clean Room?

The Microelectronics Research and Development Laboratory (MRDL), at NIU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, also known as the "clean room" fascinates prospective students and visitors to the Engineering Building. It is considered “clean” because of the massive air filters that remove microparticles from the air so that the student engineers and faculty researchers can create microelectronic circuits, microelectromechanical systems, and micro-sensors. The dimension of these devices can be 100s of times smaller than human hair diameter, allowing us to integrate them into portable electronics (e.g. smartphones), wearable devices (e.g. smartwatches) and even into capsule medicines to monitor chemical states inside body. During the development of a device this small, even the tiniest speck of dust or pollen could contaminate the device, rendering it useless. To enter the room, special "bunny suits" must be worn to cover all clothing, hair, skin, and shoes to prevent particles from becoming airborne.

In the cleanest working area, the Class 100 Room, the air contains less than 100 particles with the size of 0.5 micrometer and larger per cubic foot of air, as compared to the air outside the lab, which can contain between 500,000-1 million particles per cubic inch. The MRDL lab's other working areas are Class 1,000 and Class 10,000.

Learn more about the Microelectronics Research and Development Laboratory (MRDL).

Lesson: What is Engineering?

There are so many kinds of engineering and engineering technology careers. Almost every field and industry have a need for engineering and/or engineering technology. The National Science Foundation has a variety of videos that explain what exactly engineering is, and what different kinds of engineers do.

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