Making Appointments and Late Policy

Making Appointments

To make an appointment, please call us at (815) 753-6636 or come to Stevenson South, B Tower, Lower Level to schedule with us in person! We do not schedule through email. Additionally, due to high volume this semester and low coach availability, we recommend scheduling your appointment well in advance. Don't wait until your paper's due date to come in.

Attending Appointments

When coming to your session, please be on time or a few minutes early (see Late Policy below). Bring with you:

  • Two copies of the work or section of your work you'd like to discuss. Alternately, bring a digital copy of your work (laptop, tablet, or flash drive loaded with a .docx file) and one paper copy we can keep on record. Depending on the project, we may be unable to work with you if you don't have a hard copy.
  • A copy of the assignment prompt or description of the requirements for your project.
  • Books, articles, or notes related to your project, if appropriate.

Group Projects

To ensure fairness and to comply with university plagiarism policies, we require that all group members be present for group projects. We know that getting a whole group together can be difficult, but we're happy to work with you to find a workable time. Sorry, we can't make exceptions.

Late Policy

To ensure that we provide you with high-quality help for your writing projects, we ask that you be on time for your session. If you are minutes late for a 25 minute session or 10 minutes late for a 50 minute session, your session may be cancelled. We will gladly help you reschedule your session if we have an open time that will work for you.