Membership of University Judicial Advisory Board

  1. The University Judicial Advisory Board is composed of voting and nonvoting members. The voting membership shall be composed of one student from the Class I Judicial Hearing Board appointed by the Residence Hall Association, two students from the pool of Class II Judicial Board members appointed by the Student Association, two faculty members from the Class II Judicial Board from different colleges and appointed by the Faculty Senate, and the university judicial officer. The nonvoting members shall include the assistant university judicial officer, the University General Counsel or his/her designee, and a representative from the office of Educational Services and Programs. An attempt to have minority representation on the University Judicial Advisory Board shall be made by the appointing bodies.

    All voting members shall be appointed annually. The university judicial officer shall be the chair of the University Judicial Advisory Board. Members of the university community that will be affected by changes in the document shall be invited to the meetings.

  2. The duties of the board shall be to review submitted suggestions and recommendations concerning the University Judicial System as outlined in the Student Judicial Code. The board shall recommend changes to the president through the University Council and the associate provost for Student Affairs. Any member of the Northern Illinois University community may submit recommendations to the University Judicial Advisory Board.


*University Judicial Officer Larry Bolles
Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate Geoffrey Gordon
  Larry Gregory
Student appointed by Residence Hall Association Kris Bochat
Students appointed by Student Association Adam Novotney
Dan Leonard
Assistant University Judicial Officer Terry Jones
#University General Counsel or Designee Norden Gilbert
#Representative, Educational Services & Programs Felicia Bohanon
                                                * Chair
                                                # Nonvoting