(Bylaws, Article 15.21)

Membership to College Curriculum Committees

  1. The composition of the College Curriculum Committee shall be determined by the full-time faculty on regular contract within each college, subject to the following:

    There shall be one curriculum committee for each college; the dean or the dean's designee shall serve as chair of the committee.

  2. The College Curriculum Committee shall:

    1. Be responsible for studying, accepting, or returning for revision all proposals submitted by departmental curriculum committees for establishing new courses, programs or curricula, for deleting or substituting courses, and for changing existing courses, programs or curricula;

    2. Submit all proposals involving the general education program and new programs to the Undergraduate Coordinating Council with its recommendations;

    3. Submit all proposals involving new graduate programs to the Graduate Council;

    4. Have power to initiate curricular proposals;

    5. Have final authority for the substitution, alteration, addition, or deletion of courses other than those involving the general education program. It shall report final recommendations to the Undergraduate Coordinating Council;

    6. Have the right to request the Undergraduate Coordinating Council to submit its decisions to the University Council for review.


MEMBERSHIP 2006-2007

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS: Bill Cummings, Lynn Neeley, Kim Judson, Gerald Aase, Robert Miller
Two students:
Lori Marcellus, Director of Undergrad Studies (ex-officio), Mona Salmon, MBA Programs (ex-officio)
Chair:  Dan Wunsch, Associate Dean

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION: Jean Pierce, Teresa Fisher (Fall), Wei Chen Hung, Laurel Jeris (Fall), Gretchen Schlabach, Margaret Mbilizi, Teresa Wasonga, Nina Dorsch, Richard Orem, Karen Carrier, Barbara Fiehn, Laurie Zittle, Balerie Talsman
Associate Dean:  Diane Jackman

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY: Dennis Cesarotti, Donald Zinger, Brianno Coller, Richard Marcellus
Chair: Mansour Tahernezhadi, Associate Dean

COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SCIENCES:  Donna Munroe, Nancy Castle, M. J. Blaschak, Linda Dersheid, Craig Engel
Two students:
Chair: Mary Pritchard, Associate Dean
Academic Advising Director: Sandi Splansky (ex officio)

COLLEGE OF LAW:  Jeff Brown, Elvia Arriola, Adele Morrison, Dan Reynolds, Lorraine Schmall
Chair:  Guadalupe Luna

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES: Winifred Creamer, Art Doederlein, Richard Greene (Fall), David Changnon (Spring), Joseph "Buck" Stephen, Eugene Perry, Carl Von Ende, Diana Swanson
Two students:
Associate Dean: Sue Doederlein
Chair:  W. William Minor, Associate Dean

COLLEGE OF VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS:  Randall Newsom, Frank Kulesa, William Goldenberg
Three students:
Chair:  Richard Holly, Associate Dean