Membership of Intellectual Property Committee

A.     The Intellectual Property Committee shall consist of ten members:

Three ex officio voting members: the vice president for Research and dean of the Graduate School, 2) the director of the Technology Commercialization Office, and 3) the director of the Office of Sponsored Projects;

Three voting faculty members appointed by the president for terms of three years each, from the recommendations of the Faculty Senate;

Two additional voting faculty members appointed by the president for terms of three years each;

A nonvoting representative of the office of the University General Counsel appointed by the president;

A nonvoting representative of the office of Development and University Relations, appointed by the vice president for Development and University Relations.

The terms of the faculty members shall be staggered to provide that a minimum of one appointment be made per year.

The vice president for Research and dean of the Graduate School shall be chair of the committee which shall elect such other officersas it deems necessary.

B.     Duties

  1. In case of doubt, the committee shall determine when the rights in and to intellectual property belong to the university under the provisions of the Intellectual Property Policy, whether the university personnel shall be entitled to share in the net proceeds of such intellectual property, and, if so, what the respective equities of the university and of the university personnel shall be; appoint such subcommittees and consult with such experts as it may deem necessary in connection therewith; and consult with the offices of the university concerning the implementation of such determinations.

  2. Adopt administrative regulations governing matters under its jurisdiction not inconsistent with the Intellectual Property Policy.

  3. Take such other action in connection with intellectual property in which the university has or may have an interest as may be requested or approved by the president of the university.

  4. Review the policy from time to time and recommend changes to the University Council and the president.


Faculty (by president) Sen Kuo  Tom Sims    
Faculty (by president) Bogdan Dabrowski Bogdan Dabrowski Bogdan Dabrowski  
Faculty (by Faculty Senate) Lin Shi Lin Shi Lin Shi  
Faculty (by Faculty Senate) Mary Munroe  Mary Munroe    
Faculty (by Faculty Senate) Xueshu Song Xueshu Song Xueshu Song  
*+Vice President for Research &
Dean of the Graduate School 
 Rathindra Bose Rathindra Bose     
@Director of Technology
Commercialization Office
@Director of Sponsored Projects Linda Schwarz   Linda Schwarz     
@Vice President for University Advancement Michael Malone   Michael Malone     
@Representative, University General Counsel Norden Gilbert    Norden Gilbert    
                * Chair
                + Ex officio voting
                @ Ex officio nonvoting